Lightweight Rounded Shovel (under 2 lbs)

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Lift the Dirt NOT the Shovel:

DIG MY SHOVEL is a lightweight aluminum garden shovel that weighs less than 2 LBS. Our shovel is as light as a trowel, allowing you to lift the dirt with ease. Dig My Shovel’s innovative design eliminates unnecessary deadweight, allowing you to increase your shoveling efficiency. 

Tough as STEEL:

Made of a unique lightweight Aluminum Alloy, this lightweight garden shovel is tough, sturdy, and durable. It can withstand strong impacts and years of use.

Ergonomic Length:

52" long, Dig My Shovel offers a comfortable length, reducing the amount of muscular effort required when shoveling. Its long shaft provides plenty of leverage to get the job done efficiently. It also eases the strain on your back muscles by reducing the amount of bending required.

Digs DEEP & Won’t BEND:

Dig My Shovel brings together durability, functionality, and ease of use. Our shovel is designed with a blade shape that helps it to thrust deep into the ground without bending or buckling. The blade even has a rolled step on the top where you can apply foot pressure to push the blade into the earth.

Lifetime Replacement Warranty

We stand behind our product 100%. Dig My Shovel is manufactured with the strictest production standards and goes through rigorous quality testing before it is shipped out. We believe in our product and so should you. That is why we offer a Lifetime Replacement Warranty, to give you the peace of mind that you deserve.