Lightest Garden Shovel on the Market.
Lift the Dirt. Not the Shovel.

Less Than 2 lbs. 52" Aluminum Alloy Garden Shovel. Feel it to Believe it. So Sturdy it Won't Bend! See it to believe it!


    Dig My Shovel is a lightweight aluminum garden shovel that weighs less than 2 LBS. Our shovel is as light as a trowel, allowing you to lift the dirt with ease.


    Dig My Shovel’s innovative design eliminates unnecessary deadweight, allowing you to increase your shoveling efficiency as well as safely avoid any back pain, back problems, injuries and spinal compression.


    Made of a unique Aluminum Alloy, this lightweight garden shovel is tough, sturdy and durable. It can withstand strong impacts and years of use.


    We stand behind our product 100%. Our shovel is designed with a blade shape that helps it to thrust deep into the ground without bending or buckling. The blade even has a rolled step. Apply foot pressure to push the blade into the earth.

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 Lightest long handle garden shovel on the market! Lifetime replacement guaranteed!

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What our customers say

The good deeds Dig My Shovel has done for customers!

Something about this shape make the shovel easy to use and the blade seems to slice through the ground, even helps in removing sod. I thought I'd need more than one tool to clear an area of grass around a new shed we'd installed. Instead, this shovel worked just fine!!!!
Michelle Professional Gardener
This is the only thing I could find to cut through thickly matted monkey grass to transplant to another area. Wet the soil first and dig in to cut and separate. Hand trowels didn’t have enough force for me - this allows you to apply force with your foot. Hard work that turned into easy work!
Samantha R. School Teacher
I thought I got the serrated edge shovel, but I was surprised that this shovel slices through a lot of roots and bulbs that I'm digging up. It is very sturdy and ergonomically feels good. Thank you! =)))
Lizzie M. Stay Home Mom
Designed to extract small plants/trees, move gravel and easy for plant-life transplant. It's light and strong which makes a construction job less back breaking for sure! Thanks for this! Not all heroes wear capes!
Kyle T. Construction Worker